Links to the Remix Culture
● Wikipedia article on Remix Culture

● Wikipedia article on the legal issues involved in Sampling

● TS Eliot's The Sacred Wood, including the essays Tradition and the Individual Talent and Philip Massinger

● Kirby Ferguson's web series and blog Everything is a Remix

● Lawrence Lessig's book Remix. You can also read Remix online

● Site for Lawrence Lessig's book Free Culture, and the cc-licensed ebook available for free download

● Watch Good Copy Bad Copy, a documentary about the current state of copyright and culture

● Watch the Re:mix Culture panel 1, panel 2 and panel 3; a one day symposium to bring together people involved both in theory and practice of peer-produced commons production, hosted by the University of Sussex

Remixthebook explores the mashup as a defining cultural activity in the digital age, tracing the art of the remix to previous forms of avant-garde and modernist art through mashups of deftly sampled phrases and ideas. Mark Amerika captures the unique and continually shifting digital moment in which we live and situates the remix as an art form and literary intervention


Coldcut - 70 Minutes of Madness (Journeys by DJ). This is the greatest DJ mix ever created. Fact. Buy it now

A short documentary on the history and impact of the Amen Brother drum break

Sample This, the movie - the incredible story of The Incredible Bongo Band

● Duke University class discussion of Nas' Illmatic, Sampling Soul. Guests include: 9th Wonder and James Peterson

● Beat master DJ Premiere - too many tracks to name, go get the knowledge.

DJ Shadow, creator of the first album composed entirely of samples: Endtroducing

● Ethan Holben of Fat Beats Records explains sampling

● Here's a summary (and links) of the legal issues surrounding DJ DangerMouse's Grey Album, and a link to the album on

● The website for the excellent Kleptones

● The mash master: Girltalk what it says

● Some funny and clever video recuts to watch on, in categories such as advertising, movie trailers, music video and political

Wikipedia article about the song Pump Up The Volume, by early nineties dance act M|A|R|R|S - and one of the first major legal cases regarding sample-related copyright infringement

● John Oswald's, the essay that inspired it, and the related wikipedia article for some background

Negativland is interested in unusual noises and images (especially ones that are found close at hand), unusual ways to restructure such things and combine them with their own music and art, and mass media transmissions which have become sources and subjects for much of their work

● The Negativland article on Wikipedia

The Problem With Music, by Steve Albini

The KLF - currently offline, here's the wikipedia article instead.

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